roll [n1] revolving, turning cycle, gyration, reel, revolution, rotation, run, spin, trundling, turn, twirl, undulation, whirl; concepts 147,201 roll [n2] cylindrical object ball, barrel, bobbin, cartouche, coil, cone, convolution, cornucopia, cylinder, fold, reel, rundle, scroll, shell, spiral, spool, trundle, volute, wheel, whorl; concept 436 roll [n3] list, roster annals, catalog, census, chronicle, directory, head count, index, muster, nose count*, register, roll call, schedule, scroll, table; concept 281 roll [n4] growl, reverberation barrage, boom, booming, clangor, drone, drumbeat, drumming, echoing, grumble, quaver, racket, rat-a-tat*, resonance, roar, rumble, rumbling, thunder; concept 595 roll [v1] revolve, turn; proceed smoothly alternate, be in sequence, bowl, circle, circumduct, coil, curve, drape, drive, eddy, elapse, enfold, entwine, envelop, flow, fold, follow, furl, go around, go past, gyrate, gyre, impel, pass, pirouette, pivot, propel, reel, rock, rotate, run, spin, spiral, succeed, swaddle, swathe, swing around, swirl, swivel, trundle, twirl, twist, undulate, wheel, whirl, wind, wrap; concepts 147,201 roll [v2] spread out even, flatten, grind, level, press, pulverize, smooth; concepts 137,208,250 —Ant. collect, gather, pile roll [v3] thunder, reverberate bombinate,  boom, cannonade, drum, echo, growl, grumble, hum, pattern, quaver, rattle, re-echo, resound, roar, ruffle, rumble, rustle, sound, trill, whirr; concept 65 roll [v4] rock, sway billow, drift, flow, glide, heave, incline, jibe, lean, lumber, lurch, pitch, ramble, range, reel, roam, rove, run, stagger, stray, surge, swagger, swing, toss, tumble, undulate, waddle, wallow, wave, welter, yaw; concepts 147,149 —Ant. stabilize, steady

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